The Schiphol employee: What do you have to offer?

There's no such thing as a standard Schiphol employee. And that's a good thing. Everyone is unique and we're pleased they are. We believe that different people, different ideas and different experiences are valuable. That said, Schiphol employees do have a number of things in common. Recognise yourself in this profile?

Actively involved

You make sure that passengers and airlines are happy to use Schiphol, because we deliver the best quality both as a team and individually. Sometimes we achieve that by being flexible, and sometimes by responding appropriately and taking action.

Sense of responsibility

Independence is your middle name. You make results-related agreements with Schiphol but how you achieve them is essentially up to you. You show initiative and take responsibility for your performance, and you actively collaborate with a wide range of people, both at Schiphol and beyond.

Friendly and welcoming

You are friendly and honest, you are happy to roll your sleeves up and get on with the job and you do everything you can to make our customers happy. The goal: to be and continue to be Europe's Preferred Airport because of our excellent service.

Long-term thinking

You feel right at home in a dynamic environment like Schiphol. You're quick to adapt where necessary, and you also consider the future. How can we do things even faster or better? You're always developing your skills. That way, not only can you live up to your full potential, but you also make the best possible contribution to Schiphol.