Rob Sentveld speaking: Senior Assetmanager

From runways to construction, from lifts to pipework: as Senior Asset Manager, Rob Sentveld is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure at Schiphol. ‘We draw up maintenance plans for a number of years ahead and make sure everything is working as it should be. Only then can Schiphol continue to function in the best possible way.’

Name: Rob Sentveld
Role: Senior Assetmanager
Age: 29
Has worked at Schiphol since: Juni 2011
Educational background: HBO Elektrotechniek

Senior Assetmanager

As well as the real estate and the offices at Schiphol, almost all of the maintenance at Schiphol comes under the Asset Management department where Rob Sentveld is Senior Asset Manager. ‘My team and I manage the entire infrastructure on the airside of Schiphol. This covers a wide range of equipment. Lifts, escalators, roads, runways, passenger boarding bridges... It includes the lot. We have a large number of techies with different backgrounds in our team. Civil engineers, electricians, young, old: all mixed in together. Together, we make sure that operations are always up and running.’

Hard to imagine

What’s an average day for Sentveld? ‘Lots of meetings. And a lot of analysis. We manage billions of euros worth of assets and we’re constantly reviewing and updating them. It’s difficult to explain how much work this involves. We spend days gathering data and making plans. In the meantime, we also make sure that all the maintenance plans are integrated, in other words that they’ve been coordinated with other activities such as new building work. It would be foolish to replace all the lighting in an underground car park if the building is due to be demolished a year later. So, we always look at the bigger picture.’

That holiday feeling

Sentveld had always wanted to work at Schiphol. ‘Even as a child, I was always fascinated by Schiphol. I could spend hours watching the planes taking off and landing and enjoying the buzz of the airport. I always call this the Schiphol feeling. My colleagues understand what I mean. When you go on holiday Schiphol is an experience, but it’s only when you go behind the scenes that you see what really goes on. What an operation. That’s why I enjoy my work so much. The dynamic environment, the wide range of interests, the pressure of work... But, behind it all, you always have a bit of that holiday feeling.


Not everyone can say that they’re responsible for maintaining the runways at Schiphol. Sentveld: ‘I’m extremely proud of the work I do and, as things stand, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. You have to be flexible to work here. As soon as one plan is complete, we draw up the next one. If you can go with the flow, there’s no doubt you’d love working here.’