Evelien Klop speaking: Marcom specialist

Magical, buzzing, busy, exciting: everyone has their own image of Schiphol. This image derives partly from their own perceptions and partly from external influences, such as adverts, campaigns or other messages. Marketing and communication specialist Evelien Klop looks at how Schiphol presents itself to the outside world.

Name: Evelien Klop
Role: Marketing Communicatiespecialist
Age: 34
Has worked at Schiphol since: Maart 2011
Educational background: Master in Marketing

Marcom specialist

Schiphol is a world in itself. A place where people travel or commute. Relax or rush. Work or wind down. ‘That’s why everyone experiences the airport in their own particular way,’ says Evelien Klop. ‘It starts before people arrive at the airport. When they visit the website or book a parking space, for example. Together with my colleagues, I’m responsible for the messages that we as Schiphol convey to the outside world. Whether it be on bus shelters, on the radio or on TV.’

Busy job

Having worked at Schiphol for over five years, Klop knows all too well that when you work for Schiphol you’re almost always busy. ‘Schiphol is a fantastic, dynamic business that’s growing fast. As an employee, you benefit from this in many different ways. You can grow and develop with the business, and constantly experience new things. But it also means that you always have to think ahead and be able to cope with change. In ten years’ time, Schiphol will be a totally different place to the place it is today.’

Glimpse of the future

Klop is already seeing major changes in her area of work. We're focusing on making communications ever more personal and relevant, for example. Nowadays, businesses run the risk of overloading people with information. By attracting people to the website with targeted messages and creating theme-based campaigns that increase people’s inclination to buy and sales in the airport, we help build Schiphol’s future. We’re also heavily involved with projects such as a separate, ‘green’ car park specifically for electric or fuel-efficient vehicles. It’s fun working on these projects.


Why do you like working at Schiphol so much? ‘Employees are well looked after here, so I often feel extremely valued. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference. A present at the end of the year, being able to work from home for a day, a training course or the way management keep you so well informed.

People often think that Schiphol is really hierarchical because it’s such a big operation, but I actually think that the company is really good at listening to what individual people have to say. They always see potential, and the opportunities for development are endless. Even if you want to move from support to operations, for example. Or the other way round. Maybe that’s what I’ll do at some point. But not at the moment, I’m having too much fun.’