Terms of employment: What do you get in return?

We expect a lot of you but we also give a lot in return: that’s the way we do things at Schiphol. We offer a good salary and a wide range of benefits. Read up on all the advantages of working for Schiphol.

Develop yourself to the max

We believe it’s important that you live up to your potential, and continue to do so on an ongoing basis. Luckily, we offer you plenty of scope to do so: here at Schiphol we try to make sure that every employee changes roles every seven years.

Healthy, happy employees

We believe that healthy, happy employees are crucial. That’s why we focus on the long-term employability of our employees and always consider development, opportunity and options.

Control over your own career

Exploit your talents to the full. Schiphol offers a wide range of practical training options but, ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how you want to broaden your horizons. You’ll be given a free (training) budget of 2% of your annual salary.

Share and share alike

Because you as an employee contribute to our results, we believe it’s only logical to share them with you. Every year, you’ll receive a percentage of your salary in the form of a bonus, depending on the results. This can be as much as a full thirteenth month.

The new style of working

Here at Schiphol we always strive for the best results. How you achieve them is up to you. Full-time employees work a 36-hour week. You can plan your time flexibly, and working from home is almost always an option.

Full reimbursement of public transport costs

You can park your car free of charge in one of our staff car parks. However, we’d prefer it if you use public transport. That’s why we’ll reimburse your travel expenses in full.

Spread your wings

Keen to find out what goes on elsewhere in the business? Then why not do a work placement in another department? And there’s even the option of gaining experience in a different organisation or taking part in an international secondment programme.