Space for talent: Remaining

Here at Schiphol we have five different work areas: technology, IT, commerce, operations and finance. But that doesn't mean that we don't have a requirement for other professionals. Schiphol is a complex and multifaceted organisation, so there's scope for talent in virtually all areas.

HR werkveld overig


Schiphol regularly has a requirement for legal experts and communication and HR specialists. These individuals provide crucial support to the entire organisation from the staff departments. And these are just a few of the many disciplines at Schiphol.

Unique career moves

In a staff department, you often start as an experienced specialist. Clearly, you can deepen your knowledge of your own specialism with your own department. But if you can demonstrate that your abilities and ambitions go beyond your original field, Schiphol is the ideal place to broaden your horizons. Here at Schiphol, unique career moves are not unusual.

Excellent support

Whatever direction you want to develop yourself in, we will help you to do so. With varied work, fascinating projects and excellent support. If you want to go on a training course, we’ll usually create a tailor-made programme for you that meets your own personal requirements. So you can get the best from yourself at all times.