Pull up your sleeves: Operations

Operations is the core of Schiphol. It includes the primary processes, e.g. the handling of aircraft, baggage and cargo. And, of course, providing services to passengers. 24 hours a day. The show must go on! Would you like to get involved in something as exciting as this?

HR werkveld operatie

Fast-paced career

Operations offers a wide variety of roles. After all, it covers aircraft, baggage, cargo, passengers, and much much more. Schiphol will invest heavily in your development by giving you clear guidance throughout your career and offering you a wide range of different training opportunities. We will encourage you to change roles on a regular basis. That way, your career at Schiphol will constantly evolve.

Every day is different

Freezing cold weather, an ash cloud, crowds of holidaymakers: no one day is the same at the airport. But the processes must always run smoothly day in, day out. You must be flexible and always on your toes, so we can deliver high quality services in every situation.