Tamara Forza speaking: Front-end webdeveloper

The website is one of the first points of contact people have with Schiphol. As a front-end web developer, Tamara Forza knows all about it. ‘Our site is visited by millions of people every year. So it’s important that it’s fast and effective. That’s my job. Among other things, I build the components for the new website Schiphol.nl.’

Name: Tamara Forza
Role: Front-end webdeveloper
Age: 34
Has worked at Schiphol since: januari 2016
Educational background: Master in Computer Science

Frontend developer

She’d been working on other companies’ websites for years but she thought it would be great to work for an airport. So, when a vacancy came up for a frontend developer for Schiphol, Tamara Forza jumped at the chance. ‘I love travelling, I’m mad on all things online and I really like doing something that makes a difference. My work at Schiphol has all those things. It really makes a difference to people. Without a smooth functioning website Schiphol would function less smoothly overall.’

Self-managing teams

Although Tamara doesn’t speak Dutch, she immediately felt at home in her new place of work.. I work in the Schiphol Head Office building and the atmosphere’s great. We work in scrum teams. In other words, self-managing, self-functioning teams that deliver new products in two-week blocks. We're currently working on delivery of the revised website, in conjunction with the designers, the content team and other stakeholders. It’s really hectic but it’s great fun. And, luckily, everyone here speaks English, so there’s no language barrier to contend with.’

Customer focus

Tamara spends a lot of time working with Javascript and styling of Schiphol’s website. ‘Basically, you can divide the website into two: front-end and back-end. The part people see and the functionality. I’m mainly involved with the former. How does the website work? How do customers think and look and how do we design the website accordingly? I then build the components that are needed. And then we test everything thoroughly. Do the links work on different devices and in different browsers? Can passengers easily find the information they need? That way, we ensure that the quality is high.’

Never behind your back

What’s it like working at Schiphol? Tamara: ‘I’m often struck by how straight talking people are here. If you’ve done something well or not so well, people will always tell you. But they do it in a nice way, never behind your back. People know a huge amount and they’re always really pleased to help you. So, I feel as though I’m learning something new every day. And my employer supports me in this in all kinds of ways. It’s brilliant! I give a lot but I also get a lot in return.’