Your flight starts with your trip to Schiphol

As you probably already know, Schiphol will be busy at times this summer. If you are travelling by plane at some point in the coming weeks, think carefully about how you will travel to and from the airport. By doing so, you'll help keep Schiphol easily accessible.

Public transport

Fast, simple and affordable – you can travel all over using public transport. And luckily you can also use it to get to Schiphol. Our airport is an important hub for rail traffic and easy to reach by train from all parts of the Netherlands. You can also get to Schiphol by bus from various locations, including Amsterdam, Leiden and Hoofddorp.

When travelling to Schiphol by train or bus, you can enter the departure hall – via Schiphol Plaza – in no time. Want to know what time your train or bus leaves, how long the journey takes, how much it costs or where you can best catch it?

By car

If you'd prefer to get here by car, park at P3 Long-Term Parking. You can leave your car here with peace of mind (and not unimportantly: at an affordable rate). Catch the free shuttle bus and you'll be at the terminal within 5 minutes. Travellers flying with KLM, TUI or Transavia between 7 July and 28 August have the handy additional option of checking in at P3. That means you can head straight to security when you get to the terminal.

You can of course park closer to the airport. If you park at P1 Parking, you'll have just a short walk to the departure hall. If you'll be away for more than 48 hours, don't forget to make a reservation beforehand.


You may choose to have someone bring you to Schiphol. You can get dropped off right in front of the entrance to the departure hall, simply follow the signs for 'Departures'. It's good to know that there is a parking ban here, so you are only allowed to quickly drop people off.

If you want more time to say goodbye, head to the P1 car park. Here, you can take your time to say farewell for just € 1.10 per 10 minutes. You don't even have to walk to the ticket machine anymore, you can pay very easily by scanning the QR code on the parking ticket.


If you are picking someone up from the airport, the best option is to head to P1. You can find up-to-date arrival times here.

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