Why is it so busy at Schiphol this May holiday?

The May holiday has begun! And, as we had predicted, it’s very busy at Schiphol. That’s because a lot of people have chosen to go on holiday by plane during this May break. Furthermore, we’re facing staff shortages at the airport, which means that the time it takes to get from the check-in desk to the plane is longer than usual. In this blog we explain why you unfortunately have to deal with longer waiting times.

174,000 travellers per day

Standing in a long queue with lots of other travellers who want to catch their flight – it’s not exactly how you’d like to start your holiday. But that’s the situation at the airport right now. There are around 174,000 travellers flying to, from or through Schiphol every single day. That’s not as many as before the coronavirus crisis, but crowd levels are similar to what we saw in 2019.

Staff shortages

You might be thinking: Schiphol had many more travellers before the pandemic, so why is it such a challenge now? That’s because there is currently a shortage of staff at Schiphol and at the handling companies responsible for check-in and for your baggage. These shortages are especially noticeable at the check-in desks and security control. We currently do not have enough colleagues to enable travellers to go through the necessary checks as quickly as you are accustomed to here at Schiphol.

Not all lanes open

In order for everyone to get through the checks, we sometimes need to ease the flow of travellers. That is necessary to ensure that it doesn’t become even busier and to prevent unsafe situations from arising. The shortage of staff may also mean that not all lanes at security can be opened, for example. Our goal is to always keep the queues moving.

At the gate on time

The question on everyone’s mind is of course: will I catch my flight? Getting you to the gate on time is what all the staff at Schiphol are committed to. And that starts by getting to the airport on time. You should always follow the airline’s advice on when to arrive at Schiphol and come well-prepared. Read these tips for flying in the May holiday and enter your flight details. Then your journey can begin!

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