Useful tips for travelling with children

School's out for summer and the holidays have begun! Are you flying from Schiphol with children or teenagers? We have some useful tips for you, so that you can prepare for your holiday and know what to expect at the airport. Fasten your seatbelts, here we go!

Parental permission

It might sound obvious, but when travelling alone with your children, you need official permission from the (other) parent with authority. You can arrange through the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. If you travel without this permission slip, the Marechaussee can stop you at Schiphol. This rule is intended to prevent children from being kidnapped.

Own passport or ID card

Your child needs their own passport or ID card to travel abroad. You must always be able to show proof of identity when travelling outside of the Netherlands. At Schiphol, we check your passport when you are flying to a non-Schengen country. If you are staying inside the Schengen Zone, you do not have to go through passport control. You will need a valid passport or ID with you on your trip though.

Child travelling solo

If your underage child is travelling alone, without parents, contact the airline to find out what the rules are. In general, children are not permitted to travel when not accompanied by an adult. The minimum age to travel unaccompanied varies. Some airlines offer an assistance service for a fee. Children are met at Schiphol and get personal assistance both at the airport and during the flight.

At Schiphol

This summer, Schiphol is busy at certain times and that means you'll have to queue for longer. Unfortunately, travelling with children does not mean we can allow you to get through the queue quicker. We have free WiFi at the airport so you can play games and watch videos on your phone or tablet. Perhaps you want to bring a power bank and charging cable with you. We also advise you to bring something to drink and some snacks. Only carry the essentials in your hand baggage - you'll have less to carry and you'll save time at security.

Need more time?

If your child has an invisible disability, such as autism or deafness, it is nice to be able to go through security calmly. Go to one of the Assistance desks in the departure hall and ask for a green lanyard. That way, our colleagues will recognise your child and give them the necessary extra time and space. With this lanyard, you can stay with your child and go calmly through security and passport control together. Have a nice trip!

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