It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Making your home look and feel festive in time for the holidays; we all know that it always seems to take somewhat longer than expected. Putting up the Christmas tree, untangling the Christmas lights before you can hang them up – before you know it, you’ve been at it all day. So imagine having to decorate a whole airport!

Christmas at Schiphol starts in March

At Schiphol, we start preparing for Christmas in March (yes, really). That’s when the marketing department starts to think about how to make the airport feel extra festive during the holiday season, and at which locations. Then, together with an agency, we come up with a decoration plan. That’s not simply a case of choosing some baubles and Christmas lights. We carefully examine whether everything will fit in at Schiphol, architecturally speaking. And, of course, safety comes first. The plan therefore also needs to be approved by the fire brigade. They even check all decorations for fire safety. The decorations are only ordered when everything has been given the green light.

Tens of thousands of lights

You can bet that this is a huge order. It consists of tens of thousands of lights, dozens of Christmas trees and countless decorations. Did you know that:

  • we have a total of 776.1 metres of Christmas garlands?
  • there are 20 baubles per metre of garland?
  • the walk-through Rituals tree at Schiphol Plaza is 8.6 metres tall?
  • there are nearly 30 Christmas trees at the airport measuring between 2.4 and 3.65 metres tall?
  • there’s an average of 144 baubles in each tree?
  • the trees are also decorated with all kinds of decorations, like wreaths and ornaments?

Festive mood

Imagine having to hang all of that up! The decorations this year are a bit more understated due to the coronavirus pandemic, but putting them up was still a big task. Fortunately, Schiphol has been working with the same companies for many years so they’re used to it. They got to work at the start of November and within a week or two, Schiphol had been given a fabulously festive makeover.

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