Welcome back to Schiphol: Do I need to get tested before I fly?

Whether or not you need to get tested depends on your destination. The country you are flying to can demand a negative COVID-19 test, otherwise known as a travel certificate. Find out by checking the travel advice or by asking your airline. Please make sure that you take the necessary tests before coming to the airport and before flying (back) to Schiphol.

Which test do I need for my flight?

You can check whether a test is required and how long a test result is valid in the travel advisories on Netherlandsworldwide.nl. Usually, NAAT(PCR) test results are valid for a longer period of time than rapid antigen test results. However, you will often need to wait longer for the result of a PCR test. It’s important that you get tested on time before arriving at the airport.

Do I need to get tested before flying to Schiphol?

If you are flying to Schiphol from outside the European Union or Schengen Zone, you are required to have a negative test result with you. This also applies to travellers with proof of vaccination or recovery. That’s why you should always get tested before travelling to the Netherlands from outside the EU/Schengen Zone. A NAAT(PCR) test result may be no more than 48 hours old upon departure. A rapid antigen test result can be up to 24 hours old upon departure.

If you are flying to Schiphol from outside the EU/Schengen Zone and you don’t have proof of vaccination of recovery, you must get tested so that you can present a negative test result. You should keep the test result(s) with you throughout your journey. The test requirement applies to all travellers aged 12 and over who are travelling to Schiphol.

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