7 tips for travel during 2021 Christmas holidays

Will you be flying this Christmas? Schiphol can be a bit busier during the holiday season. And there are measures in place to ensure that you can travel safely and responsibly. That’s why we ask that you are well-prepared for your journey. With the help of these seven tips, you’ll be ready to fly. Take care, travel safe!

1. Check how busy it is at Schiphol
On your travel day, you can see how busy the departure and arrival halls are expected to be on the day you fly from or arrive at Schiphol. This way, you know what to expect. We keep a 1.5-metre distance where possible at the airport, but you may be asked to stand a bit closer to other people at busier locations.

2. Download the Schiphol app
The Schiphol app allows you to see exactly where it’s busy or not at the airport. What’s more, you’ll also have your flight details at your fingertips and you can see where to check in, the waiting times at security, where to find your gate and which baggage belt to go to.

3. Get your face mask ready
Face masks are mandatory at Schiphol and in the aircraft. We appreciate you putting your face mask on as soon as you enter the airport. It’s a good idea to bring extra face masks with you too, so that you always have a clean one ready.

4. Bring your health declaration
In this day and age, you need to be ‘fit to fly’. As a result, all travellers aged 13 and above are required to bring a filled-in health declaration with them to Schiphol. It can be printed out or kept digitally on your mobile phone. Your airline can ask to see this document. Also take an extra form with you for your return flight. And check with your airline if you need another health declaration for the country you are flying to.

5. Check your international QR code
Your QR code in the CoronaCheck app shows that you have either been fully vaccinated, that you have recently recovered from COVID-19 or that you have a negative test result. At Schiphol, your QR code may be checked at the check-in desk or at the gate. This also applies to travellers who have already checked in online. Your airline can indicate whether you can use the QR code on your mobile or in print for your flight.

6. Find out if you need to get tested
Some destinations require you to show a negative test result along with proof of vaccination or recovery. Find out what you need for your journey by checking the travel advisories on netherlandsworldwide.nl or by asking your airline. Sometimes, other documents (such as a passenger locator form) may be necessary in addition to tests.

7. Check what time you need to be at Schiphol
Got everything ready for your trip? Have you checked your tickets and passport and packed your bags? Now it’s time to consult your airline to find out what time you need to be at the airport. Usually, you should arrive at Schiphol two hours before a flight within Europe and three hours before flying to a destination outside of Europe.

Being well-prepared means your Christmas holidays can get off to a great start. If you’d like more information regarding your journey, get in touch with your airline. Or check what to take into account for your departure, transfer or arrival. At Schiphol, staff are always on hand to help. Lastly, we’d like to wish you happy holidays and a safe journey!

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