6 tips for flying in the May holiday

After two years of travel restrictions, we’re finally allowed to fly in the May holiday again. But, as you may have heard, it’s going to be busy. It’s likely that you’ll have to queue a little longer than usual before you board the plane. If you’re travelling from Schiphol this holiday, make sure to come to the airport on time and well-prepared. Get off to a smooth start with these tips!

1. Arrive in time

You can check with your airline what time you need to arrive at Schiphol. Don’t come to the airport too early – you may find yourself in front of a closed check-in desk and you’ll have to wait. You can see the itinerary for your flight on the travel page.

2. Remember to bring your face mask

Although the Netherlands no longer has many coronavirus restrictions, the situation may be different at your destination. Check the travel advisory on netherlandsworldwide.nl before you leave. You are also required to wear a face mask in the queue for the security check. And all travellers aged 13 and above must wear a face mask in the plane. Take a look at the rules that apply here.

3. Check in online

Save time by checking in for your flight online. Many airlines offer this service and this will save you time at the check-in desks at Schiphol. You can often check in more than a day in advance, as well as fill in other necessary forms. Read more about check-in.

4. Leave everything in your hand baggage

You can now leave your liquids and electronics in your hand baggage at the security check thanks to Schiphol’s new CT scanners. Yes, you read it right – everything can remain in your bag. It’s still a good idea to put your liquids and gels in a transparent zip-lock bag (of up to 1 litre), because you’ll probably need it at the airport you’re flying back from. Are you travelling with your family? Then you and your children can go through the security check together. A Schiphol employee will tell you where to go at the entrance to the security filter.

5. Get ready for travelling with kids

Travelling with kids is an adventure and there’s a lot to discover at Schiphol. If you’re travelling with a baby, you can make use of the special Baby Care Lounge. If just one of the parents is travelling with the child/children, you’ll need a consent form. We also take children into consideration on board the plane. Ask your airline about travelling with children or visit this page for more information.

6. Download the Schiphol app

Keep up to date with all the latest flight information with the Schiphol app. Thanks to the travel itinerary, you can see the exact waiting times, which departure hall, check-in desk and gate you need to go to, and how much time you have left. Download the app for free in the App store or Google Play and then fill in your flight details. You’ll receive a notification when boarding is about to start.

Would you like more information about your flight?

Please contact your airline. Good luck with the preparations and have a great holiday!

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