Schiphol featured in Passenger Terminal World

Royal Schiphol Group has been featured in the April issue of Passenger Terminal World magazine. The article highlights Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions' innovative approach to enhancing the passenger experience & driving operational efficiencies.

Caroline Massart, head of Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions, spoke about Schiphol’s commitment to accelerating innovation in the aviation industry. Despite Schiphol's reputation as an innovative airport, Caroline pointed out that the pace of innovation in the airport industry, in general, is considered relatively low compared to other industries. This realisation inspired Schiphol to launch the Aviation Solutions team in 2021, aiming to bring proven digital solutions to other airports worldwide.

One of the products showcased at the Passenger Terminal Expo was the Deep Turnaround solution. By leveraging artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, Deep Turnaround enhances collaboration and improves predictability during the turnaround process, reducing delays significantly. Already operational at multiple airports, Schiphol encourages other airports to adopt this solution to improve their efficiency.

Also, Schiphol’s Self-Service Unit was a crowd favorite at the expo. This digital colleague assists passengers by providing flight information, wayfinding, personal assistance, and answers to their questions. It has helped to win the Skytrax Best Digital Services Award 2023.

David de Vries, Tim de Bie, Lennert l'Amie, Sander van Tienhoven

Throughout the article, Caroline emphasised the importance of collaboration between airports, as they face similar challenges and can learn from each other's experiences. Schiphol's willingness to share its proven solutions with other airports and airlines fosters a community of continuous improvement and feedback, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.

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