Increase NPS and passenger spend with itineraries

Passengers at an airport want to enjoy their time in the terminal and also make it to their flight on time. To help with those two things, the team responsible for the Self-Service Units has released the 'itinerary feature'. It improves passenger satisfaction and unlocks the airport’s operational and commercial opportunities.

Different passengers, different itineraries

The itinerary feature visualises what exact steps need to be taken at what exact moment for arriving, transferring, and departing passengers. It is the result of many hours of user research and feedback. Passengers can access any Self-Service Unit to scan their boarding pass to receive a personalised timeline.

Helping passengers enjoy their time spent at the terminal

Passengers who have a lot of time on their hands receive relevant recommendations, complemented with commercial wayfinding. This helps all passengers enjoy their visit at the airport while it also helps airports with the question ‘How do I optimise passenger dwell time for revenue’. Airports often have many facilities that are valuable for passengers but they are usually not easy to find by passengers. The ‘itinerary feature’ is a great help to show the passengers what’s available to them.

Helping passengers make it to their connecting flight

Transferring passengers who are at risk of missing their flight can retrieve a priority pass to skip to the front of lines at security and border control. This is especially valuable for hub-airports who are mindful of the immense negative impact of a passenger missing a transfer on the NPS of an airline. And, of course, there’s also the financial and operational impact.

As of now the itinerary feature is available to all airports using Schiphol’s Self-Service Units and Passenger Experience Platform.

In the next couple of months the team will make it possible to connect additional data sources to the itinerary, which adds walking times, waiting times (e.g. security, passport controls, etc.), reclaim information and much more to make it even more valuable to the passenger.
Get in touch if you’re interested to discuss the options for your airport.

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