Top 10 items travellers forget to pack: Check your bags before you go

There are two kinds of travellers – those who pack everything days or weeks before they travel, and those who do it at the last minute. If you fall into the latter, chances are that you might forget to pack something important. Based on extensive research, here are the top ten things travellers through Schiphol forget to pack!

1. Toothbrush

An essential item in your toiletries bag, yet year after year it remains the most forgotten item.

2. Electronic chargers

From smartphones to e-books and shavers – without power, you might as well be carrying a brick.

3. Book

For those moments when you’re in the middle of a great story, but left it laying on the nightstand at home.

4. Power adapters

Power sockets are different all over the world, so it’s important to take along the right adapter.

5. Sunblock

If you’re off to sunnier climes, decent protection from the sun’s harsh rays is essential.

6. Camera

Sometimes the picture quality on a smartphone isn't good enough to capture every detail – so bring a high quality camera along with you.

7. Medicines

Prevention is always better than cure, so prepare yourself with some over-the-counter medicines just in case.

8. Sunglasses

If you were so excited about your holiday in the sun that you forgot your most essential accessory, pick out a new pair!

9. Perfume

Uh oh, you left your perfume at home – have no fear, a huge selection is right here!

10. Games

If you yourself want to enjoy your holiday, better pack plenty of toys for the kids!