Now at Schiphol Plaza for a limited time only: The very first checkout-free supermarket

A supermarket with no checkouts and no staff? That might sound a bit futuristic, but not to Albert Heijn. Over the next couple of months the supermarket chain will be testing its first robot supermarket, at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Grab & go

Product scanners and checkout queues? These are things of the past for Albert Heijn’s first digital convenience store – a converted shipping container. Here, shopping is just like getting something out your own fridge: scanning is no longer necessary and payment is made automatically.


It works like this: open the door using your debit card, take what you need and head for the exit, where the payment will be made automatically. Cameras, computers and weight sensors ‘read’ your purchases and take care of the payment. Customers can check their purchases at the exit if they so choose.

Plug & play

The shop, which was developed in conjunction with the American tech start-up AiFi and ING, doesn’t just makes shopping much easier. Due to its size, the 14 m2 container can easily be moved, making it perfectly suited to being sited wherever a convenience store is required (temporarily or otherwise).


You can come and admire Albert Heijn’s complete digital supermarket at Jan Dellaert Square in front of Schiphol Plaza. It is open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. daily. The pilot store will be stationed at the airport until the end of January, so be sure to drop by soon!

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