Cuisines of the world: Take a culinary journey at Schiphol

Sample the world’s greatest cuisines before you even fly. At Schiphol, you will find tastes from every continent from Asia to the Americas.

An Asian adventure

Think full-flavoured, delicious aromas and a cornucopia of colours … Asian cuisine has a bit of everything for everyone, making every bite an adventure.

Delicious Dutch

Opt for something a little more homegrown. Tuck in to a pancake with syrup, a cheese sandwich, a tasty croquette or a hearty stew – at Schiphol, you will be spoiled for choice.

Mediterranean meals

Life is good in the Mediterranean, with an unbeatable climate and great cuisine. Enjoy a taste of your favourite mediterranean dishes, made with fresh ingredients from traditional recipes.

Fresh and healthy

Fancy a shot of wheatgrass, vegan oatmeal or a gluten-free bread roll? 'Natural fast food' is here to stay. Healthy, organic and fresh food can certainly also be found at Schiphol. Of course it’s of top quality, but above all it’s very tasty.

Coffee champs

Did you know that more than 11 million cups of coffee and tea are bought at Schiphol every year? From a nice cup for the road, to a coffee break in a hip café, our airport has it all.

Attention all choco lovers

Plain, dark or nutty? Whatever your preference, some of the world’s most luxurious chocolate brands have a home at Schiphol. Take your pick...

Bars and restaurants on your way to the plane

Besides the above-mentioned culinary offers, you will find even more on your way to your flight. Read what's happening in our lounges or get an overview of bars and restaurants.