We Love Holland
After Security

Locations After Security:
Lounge 3
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A fun place to pick up souvenirs

Do you love Holland? So do we! Because we enjoy sharing our love for the Netherlands, you can head over to We Love Holland for the best souvenirs from the Low Countries. In addition to the iconic windmills, clogs and tulips, you will also see Dutch sporting heroes and the legends of our culture. We Love Holland is all about fond memories and gives you the perfect chance to pick up some authentic Dutch souvenirs. Take a photo by the I Amsterdam sign, snap a selfie in front of the Rijksmuseum or squeeze into a giant clog with all your friends: you can do it all at We Love Holland!

You can find We Lover Holland after security in Lounge 3. Check the Airport map for more information.

After Security

Lounge 3
1.5h before first flight until 0.5h before departure last flight

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