Seiko chronograph watch

Steel case, steel or rubber strap.

Seiko stands for Japanese quality timepieces. After all, its name signifies ‘House of Perfection’! Partly because of this Seiko takes care of timekeeping at a number of great sporting events, among which the Olympic Games, the Athletics World Cup and the Soccer World Cup. All quartz Seiko watches are equipped with a crystal oscillator to insure accuracy. The polished crystal generates a stable vibration if voltage is applied to it. In order to design a practical quartz watch, Seiko has developed unique technologies. For example, adoption of a crystal oscillator cut in the shape of a tuning fork and development of an IC and step motor to properly operate signals from a crystal oscillator had to be created. Additionally, with a passion to change the future of watches, Seiko did not pursue monopolization on patent rights of those unique technologies and opened them to the world. Today Seiko combines top level quality and design with an exceptional value for money.

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