GASSAN Diamonds
Diamond ear studs

18K gold, 16 brilliant cut diamonds, quality W SI, total 0,21 crt. Also available as diamond set of 2 for € 765.

A diamond stands for valuable and sustainable. Rightly so, as this unique natural product takes millions of years to develop under immense heat and pressure. A diamond is crystallized carbon, the hardest substance known to man. After polishing a diamond is of unparalleled beauty. After processing the value of diamonds is determined by the combination of the four C's; Carat (weight), Colour, Clarity (purity) and Cut. The weigth unit of a diamond is carat (crt.). Every diamond has its own colour for which an international colour chart has been developed to identify the colour. The clarity or purity defines the value of a diamond. The cut gives the diamond its sparkling and brilliance. The most famous is the brilliant cut that consist always of 57 facets.

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