From stroopwafels to Jenever: The Dutch Christmas table

Gifts are an essential part of the Christmas season. The same goes for food and drinks. Each year, we go the extra mile to put great food on the Christmas table. What could be more fun than a selection of typical Dutch delicacies? Our timeless favourites make for popular gifts that will give your Christmas dinner that extra bit of sparkle.

  • Rossini Norwegian salmon filet

    Salted by hand, smoked in an old fashioned manner, 200 grams
    € 22.95
    € 17.95

  • Old Amsterdam

    Apprx. 900 grams, price per kg
    € 25
    € 19.96

  • Henri Willig Goudse kaas

    Four types of Gouda lunch cheese, including goat cheese, approx. 1600 grams
    € 37
    € 29.95

If you've got a sweet tooth...

Anyone born in the Netherlands will be familiar with liquorice, stroopwafels and Dutch biscuits. However, your visitors or friends from abroad might not know what they're missing. This year, make sure to decorate your Christmas table with original Dutch products. And if you're travelling abroad, why not take a bit of the Netherlands with you?

  • Chocolate stroopwafels

    Chocolate cookie, 270 gram
    € 7.30
    Any 2 for € 11.70

  • Buiteman Cheese Crisps

    In Delft Blue tin, 200 grams
    € 19.90
    Any 2 for € 15

  • Dutch syrup waffles

    In blik met Nederlands dessin
    € 5.95
    Any 2 for € 9.95

Jenever & tonic

Jenever is a must on any real Dutch Christmas table. The typically Dutch beverage has surged in popularity over the past few years. These days, jenever is no longer seen as a drink that only your granddad would enjoy. For example, did you know the word gin is derived from jenever? Jenever is becoming an increasingly common sight on store shelves, and comes in fashionably designed bottles. Of course, we also have plenty of other wonderful bottles for those that aren't in the mood for jenever.

  • Frescobaldi Nipozzano Vecchie Viti

    Red Wine, 0,75 litre
    € 20.90
    € 14.70

  • V2C Dutch Dry Gin

    € 36.90
    € 29.50

  • Bacardi Carta Oro

    Rum, 1 litre
    € 19.50
    € 15.50

Chocolate = Love

Everyone loves chocolate. Milk, dark, with or without hazelnuts: there's always a variety to make that special someone happy. We give chocolate to thank people, express our love, or simply hang it in the Christmas tree. Chocolate always comes in handy: it's a popular gift for a reason. The Happy Holidays at Schiphol are all about giving: we're offering our most frequently gifted chocolate at low prices in the spirit of the season.

  • Godiva Gold Discovery

    Chocolate, 310 grams
    € 37.90
    € 26.90

  • Neuhaus Ballotin Winter

    Chocolate, 500 grams
    € 37.50
    € 29.90

  • Lindt Assorted Swiss Masterpieces Box

    Chocolate, 440 grams
    € 37.90
    € 26.50