Dutch holiday glory: The Dutch Christmas look

Despite its small size, the Netherlands is a proud country and we're not afraid to show it. That also goes for the holiday period. Looking for inspiration to lend your Christmas that Dutch look? Then you’ve come to the right place with us. We've put the spotlight on our range of Dutch Christmas gifts to mark the Happy Holidays.

Wear your pride

We all like to keep cosy and warm during the cold winter months, especially when we venture outside. Schiphol offers a broad range of warm outdoor clothing that could come in handy. Most of our range also features references to the Netherlands, allowing you to express your Dutch pride far beyond our borders.

  • Gloves

    Amsterdam gloves
    € 9.95

  • POM Women's scarf

    Dutch design! Fashionable, warm and soft scarf in various dessins
    € 69.95
    € 55

  • Winter hat

    Amsterdam winter hat
    € 12.95
    € 9.95

Plant je eigen tulpenveld

Plant now, enjoy this spring. You can also plant your own Dutch tulips. Come spring time, your garden will be filled with beautiful flowers. A beautiful memory of your time in the Netherlands. Also makes a great gift for friends and acquaintances living outside the Netherlands.

  • 50 Dutch tulips bulbs

    In a giftbox, available in different cultivars, with export-certificate
    € 24.99
    € 19.95

  • Christmas decoration

    For the Christmas tree
    Choose from a wide variety
    Starting at € 4.99

  • Amaryllis fresh flowers and bulbs

    Beautiful cutted Amaryllis and big amaryllis bulbs, with health-certificate
    Starting at € 9.99