Tony's Chocolonely Milk Nougat Chocolate Bar - 240gram
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Tony's Chocolonely Milk Nougat Chocolate Bar - 240gram


Late 2011 we developed three Limited Eddtions flavour Tony's bars. One of which was chosen as an absolute favourite. We added it to the Tony's family permanently. Creamy milk chocolate with bits of sticky, sweet nougat made from honey and almonds. We put it in bright yellow wrapping and voila.. we have ourselves a full rainbow! We're kind of nuts like that. Nougat the joke?

Our vision is 100% slave-free chocolate. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. The more people choose slave free and share our story, the sooner 100% slave free becomes the norm in chocolate. The choice is yours. Are you in?

Belgium fairtrade milk chocolate with at least 32% cocoa solids and nougat. Made in Belgium.