Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Le Parfum
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Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Le Parfum

Women - eau de parfum intense spray 50ml

Price: €85.50

How about shattering good manners? Let’s say goodbye to good behaviour once and for all! Created for women who just love a good scandal, Jean Paul Gaultier has heard you… Surprise!!! SCANDAL Le Parfum is in the capital and things are about to get a bit crazy! Warning! Beware of strong emotions and an overload of pleasure! A celebration for the senses that’ll make walls crumble and chandeliers tremble, and because we can never have too much scandal, this Eau de Parfum Intense never holds back from anything! Anything at all. A sultry red that isn’t afraid to offend polite society. Spectacular legs that are the talk of the town. Sublime jasmine meets salted caramel and black vanilla. The public is bowled over. Shocked. After just one spray. What a perfume! What a fragrance trail! Fabulous Gaultier.

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