GASSAN Diamonds Marquise cut diamond
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GASSAN Diamonds Marquise cut diamond

Grinding shape with 56 facets, based on brilliant diamond.

Price: €950.00

Quality E SI, 0.23crt. A diamond stands for valuable and sustainable . Rightly so, as this unique natural product takes millions of years to develop under immense heat and pressure. A diamond is crystallized carbon, the hardest substance known to man. After polishing a diamond is of unparalleled beauty. After processing the value of diamonds is determined by the combination of the four C's. Carat (weight), colour (colour), clarity (purity) and cut (diamond cut). • Carat: A diamond is weighed using the weight unit carat (crt.) One carat is divided into 100 points. • Colour: Diamonds can have many different colours. That is why a national colour chart has been developed. • Clarity: A craftsman assesses the purity of a diamond. This is done with a 10x magnification. The number of impurities as well as the nature and location of these impurities are defining the value of the diamond. • Cut: The cut gives the diamond its reputation but above all its sparkling and brilliance.

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