Bassermann-Jordan, Pfalz, QbA, dry, rosé
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Bassermann-Jordan, Pfalz, QbA, dry, rosé

The wine has a clear, medium-intense rosé colour.

Price: €12.50

The wine-estate of Dr von Bassermann-Jordan has been, for most of the last 300 years, one of the leading fine wine producers in Pfalz. We are dedicated to producing exquisite, elegant and uniquely character-filled wines from the Deidesheim area. This rich and fruity Rosé is a wine for perfect for the warmer months, thanks to its vital freshness. Nevertheless the wine has a body complex enough to be enjoyed throughout the year.
Blended from Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon it offers up a rich and elegant fruity aroma. On the palate it exhibits red fruit flavours and with notes of cassis. Serve at 8–10°C. A wine for many occasions: on its own, or complementing poached salmon, salads, barbecue meals and other medium-rich dishes.