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Your phone will connect with the Dutch network as soon as you switch on your mobile phone. As you may know, it can cost a lot of money to use your mobile phone number abroad. One way around it is to turn off ‘data roaming’, or buy a local SIM card.

A local sim card gives you lower rates

You may wish to obtain a local telephone number if you plan on an extended say in the Netherlands. Simply buy a local SIM card in our Airport Telecom Shop or at the Service Point. These venues also sell SIM cards that work in and outside of Europe. This may save you money on high roaming fees, since you pay only local rates for calls.

Payphones wherever you need them

Schiphol Airport’s payphones are either blue or white. They’re convenient if you’re going for an undisturbed holiday or need to make a collect call. You can pay for your call with coins, a credit card or with a special voucher. These vouchers are sold at all AKO News & Book shops, the Electronics shops in Departure Lounge 1, 2 and 3 and all Vizzit shops on the piers.

Recharge your phone at one of our handy recharge stations

If your battery is running low, you’ll find an outlet for your charger next to many of the fixed telephones. Those can be found all over Schiphol.

Locations and opening times

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