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Holland Boulevard, Lounge 2
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Let your imagination run wild

Toys help to stimulate children's creative minds. Many famous architects got their start with Lego, Nobel Prize-winning mathematicians learned to count with Miffy, and fashion designers staged their first shows with Barbie and her colourful wardrobe. Let your kids develop their innate talents, and maybe discover a few new ones along the way. Let's Play!

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Miffy Aviation

Price from: € 17.95 Current price: € 14.95
17% off

KLM 100 years B787-10

Price from: € 19.95 Current price: € 17.95
10% off

Barbie Pilot

Price from: € 16.95 Current price: € 12.95
24% off


Price from: € 24.95 Current price: € 19.95
20% off

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