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Holland Boulevard, Lounge 1, Lounge 2, Lounge 3
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Fresh flowers, bulbs and seeds

Tulips are as Dutch as Edam cheese and crooked canal houses. You’ll find tulips in virtually every colour under the sun at the House of Tulips. The shop itself is hard to miss, with it’s emerald-green edifice that sparkles in the sunlight. The shop’s shape draws inspiration from Amsterdam’s iconic canal houses. Please note that live flowers can travel comfortably for short distances, but it’s good to consider bulbs and seeds if you have a long journey ahead.

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City garden. Mini garden.

Price from: € 9.99 Current price: € 7.99
20% off

Beautiful Fresh Tulips

Price from: € 22.99 Current price: € 19.99
13% off

Everlasting Tulips

Price from: € 17.99 Current price: € 14.99
17% off

Bouquet of wooden Tulips

Price from: € 27.99 Current price: € 19.99
29% off

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