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The world's best delis

The hardest part about shopping for luxury food at Schiphol is deciding where in the world to dine next. From Spanish chorizo to Norwegian salmon, to French cheese and Belgian beer – you'll find food from every corner of the world, all in one place. There are also regular taste-testing sessions, so you can try the food before you buy. You'll also find kitchen accessories and implements from well-regarded brands like Menu, Pip and Royal VKB.

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Dutch chocolate

Price from: € 6.95
3 for € 14.95

Dutch spiced cookies

Price from: € 7.95
2 for € 10

Gouda's syrup waffles

Price from: € 4.50
3 for € 10

Old Amsterdam cheese

Price from: € 25 Current price: € 20
20% off

Dutch Gouda cheese

Price from: € 39 Current price: € 31.95
18% off

Dutch Original smoked eel fillet

Price from: € 22.50 Current price: € 19.13
15% off

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