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Gadgets & high-tech devices

Electronics has every new gadget and gizmo you can possibly imagine to make life just that little bit easier (or cooler). They’re a high-tech specialist with a presence in many international airports. Many of the products they stock appeal to the global traveller, like the latest products from Apple, to killer headphones from Beats and Bose. Have a look at our Special Offers below. Electronics also stocks a range of exclusive items from some of the world’s biggest brands that you won’t find anywhere else – it’s worth stopping by.

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Dyson hair dryer

Current price: € 399

Tile Slim II 1-pack

Price from: € 29.95 Current price: € 24.95
17% off

Apple Watch series 5

Current price: € 479

Mophie wireless power bank 6000mAh

Price from: € 79.95 Current price: € 69.95
13% off

Fuji instax mini link

Price from: € 119 Current price: € 99
17% off

Apple iPhone 11

Current price: € 809

Mitone true wireless earbuds

Price from: € 59.95 Current price: € 49.95
17% off

Allroundo Plus all-in-one charging cable

Price from: € 29.95 Current price: € 24.95
17% off

Sphero Mini

Price from: € 59.95 Current price: € 49.95
17% off

JBL Charge 4

Price from: € 179 Current price: € 129
28% off

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