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Travel clinic

Nobody wants to fall ill when they travel. Before you fly, it’s important to know the health conditions in the country you’re flying to. Amsterdam Medical Services at Schiphol houses a special travel clinic. Their specialists will be pleased to help you with any relevant information.

Proper vaccination plans are essential

In some cases, you’ll need to prepare between 4-6 weeks in advance to receive the proper course so that your vaccinations take effect by the time you travel. Vaccinations are not only essential, but obligatory for many tropical and sub-tropical destinations

Visit or contact the medical centre

You can enter the medical centre in two ways – from Departures 2, one level above check-in desk sixteen, or from the 2nd floor of Lounge 2 after you clear passport control.

Open: Monday to Sunday, from 08:30 to 16:30 Phone: 0900 109 1096

Appointments and further information

Vaccinations are part of KLM Health Services. Please read more about vaccinations, hygiene and the health conditions in various countries and regions at their comprehensive website.

To visit, please call 0900 109 1096 (you will only pay your usual call charges for these calls) or make an appointment online. You can also drop by at the last minute, but please note that people with an appointment will be given priority.

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