ABN AMRO Bank Before and After Security

Locations before security:
Arrivals 1, Arrivals 3
Locations after security:
Lounge 1, Lounge 2, Lounge 3
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Foreign currencies and insurance

It’s always good to have a little cash on you when you arrive at your next destination. Stay prepared by visiting the foreign exchange desk at ABN AMRO Exchange Schiphol. They have a selection of 60 different currencies on-hand. For exchanges with a minimum value of 250 euros this service is free of charge, otherwise you pay a fee of 3.25 euro. You don’t need to be an ABN AMRO customer to use their services – but if you are, you can arrange travel insurance or a stand-by service on the spot.

You'll find several ABN AMRO desks and ATMs all over Schiphol. Check the Schiphol app for their locations.

You can also get foreign currency from the ATMs. The ATM at Plaza only gives out Euros.

Telephone number: 0900 - 0024

Locations and opening times

Before Security

After Security

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