Special pop-up colleges at Schiphol: Let learning take flight

This week international passengers at Schiphol will get the chance to pick up some learning on the go. As a special anniversary treat, researchers from the University of Amsterdam will be giving pop-up lectures in the airport's Transfer Hall. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) celebrates its 385th birthday this year and therefore organizes pop-up lectures at special venues. Of course, our airport cant be missed.

A varied program

Every day, another topic is being discussed. Monday, travelers could listen to the first college about Wayfinding: how do you find the way in a busy airport? Another topic is space and time: will we ever fly to the stars? Unwritten labels in Amsterdam and Dutch masters pass the revue.

The colleges are given by researchers and scientists who are affiliated with the UvA. UvA's pop-up colleges last 20 minutes and take place every day between 14.00 and 15.00. At the end of the colleges, visitors receive a suitcase label. Do you want to know more? Look at the UvA website.