Child-friendly travel

Get ready for an adventure! Schiphol is a great place for young children, with plenty of activities and fun things to do. Let your young ones burn off some pre-flight energy before their flight so they will feel calmer on-board.

Check what you need to know when travelling with kids

Download the holiday to-do book

Here's something fun and easy for your kids to do at Schiphol – simply download the Schiphol 'To Do' book before you leave home, or pick one up when you've parked at P3.

Must-dos for cool kids

Have some 'you' time

If your child is busy playing and you have a moment for yourself, download your 5 euro discount voucher and try out our summer deals. Treat yourself and enjoy your summer!

Reizen met kinderen? Check dit

Vliegen is voor kinderen een groot avontuur, en voor hun ouders vaak ook. Reis je met minderjarigen? Hou je aan regels en voorschriften vanuit de overheid, en vraag je luchtvaartmaatschappij ruim voor vertrek waarmee je rekening moet houden.

Prepare for take-off