Award for AKO at Schiphol: Innovative bookshop at Schiphol wins prize

Three cheers for the AKO shop at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which operates without any staff (Grab, Scan and Fly). At the 2019 Mercur Award ceremony, it was designated Magazine Retailer of the Year. But what kind of shop is it exactly? And why the award?


"New, special and daring." That was the jury description of the new AKO shop that opened in February 2019 on the G pier, a relatively quiet location, although a lot of traffic merges here. Thanks to this innovative concept, passengers can quickly and easily purchase a magazine or book shortly prior to departure!

World's first

AKO is the very first retailer in the world to sell magazines at an airport in this way, leading to the unanimous jury decision to designate it as the most innovative submission. In the words of the jury, 'In a few years' time, there will be shops without staff everywhere, and everyone will have forgotten where the first one ever was. However, this will not be the case as far as the professional field is concerned, since the AKO innovation is being awarded a Mercur!'

Are you curious about this award-winning shop or are you simply looking for something to read? Drop by AKO’s Grab, Scan and Fly shop on the G pier.