Boarding the plane with gifts?: Five smart tips for Christmas packing

Do you know the etiquette of carrying Christmas gifts in your hand baggage? Check out our tips below to start your holidays travels well prepared! Let’s wrap it up!

Tip 1: Don’t wrap your gifts beforehand

Wait before you start wrapping with gift paper, especially if you intend to carry the gifts in your hand baggage. If the item isn’t recognised by the security scanner, there’s a strong chance that the gift will need to be unwrapped before it passes through security. What a pity that would be after you’ve gone to so much trouble! Therefore, put it in a gift bag with tissue paper or a decorative gift box that is easy to open and close again.

Tip 2: Keep the snow globes small, but perfectly formed

Even this little souvenir full of joy and wonder mustn’t be too big. Your snow globe mustn’t contain more than 100 ml fluid content and be no bigger, roughly speaking, than a tennis ball. Moreover, the see-through section of the snow globe must fit into a resealable plastic bag with the rest of the liquids. If the snow globe is any bigger than this, it needs to be carried in your check-in baggage.

Tip 3: Be careful about Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths

Wouldn’t it be nice to take home that Canadian spruce as an original Christmas present? Or that festive (non-edible) Christmas wreath from the market in Prague as an extra something for the neighbours? It’s a nice thought, but customs may be less keen. Just one tree or wreath is allowed per person, and then only if it comes from an EU member state. Christmas trees may be no longer than 3 metres.

Tip 4: Check your yoys

No matter whether it’s magnetic, electronic or motorised, you are permitted to carry most toys in your hand baggage or check-in baggage. However, it’s still a good idea to contact your airline to confirm that you’re allowed to take along toys without any problems. Toy guns which cannot be distinguished from real guns must be placed in your hold baggage.

Tip 5: Do your Christmas shopping at Schiphol

Why go shopping beforehand when you can just as easily do it at the airport? Take advantage of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s exclusive Christmas offers and find the perfect Christmas gift, packed in our unique gift wrap and with personalised name tags. What’s more: if you spend €75 or more at Schiphol, you’ll receive a magical, exclusive Christmas ornament from the traditional Dutch brand Vondels, totally free of charge. Discover the four unique Schiphol ornaments right here!

If you take these tips to heart, you’ve made the best possible preparations for your journey and can really enjoy everything that Schiphol has to offer during the festive season. Sample the festive atmosphere and discover all the heart-warming events.