Basic meets glamour: Festive Christmas collection HEMA ❤️ Viktor&Rolf

The Netherlands’ best-known design duo Viktor&Rolf have teamed up with HEMA to create a sparkling Christmas this year. The two quintessentially Dutch brands have joined forces to present a very special Christmas collection…

Unique & surprising

The limited-edition collection comprises superb Christmas items at a surprisingly low price: socks, tablecloths, crockery, Christmas baubles and festive clothing. All special products that radiate the things that you associate with the festive season: glitter and shades of red and gold. Just what you need to kit out the perfect Christmas tree, Christmas table and last but not least yourself!

Jingle Bows

The bows that are Viktor&Rolf’s hallmark also put in an appearance in the collection. The iconic bows are present in abundance and form the main theme for their Jingle Bows collection. Even the classic HEMA logo has been magicked into a bow especially for the festive season. A true Christmas transformation and symbolic of this unique product line.

True Dutch

Both iconic Dutch brands welcomed a partnership straight away. ‘HEMA and Viktor&Rolf are quite simply iconic, like cheese and tulips. They are two extremes and we immediately felt this had the potential to lead to some interesting results.’ As per the designers, ‘HEMA also has a very clear and distinct quality, which is what we aim for in our designs as well. In this sense, we fit together well.’

The limited-edition Jingle Bow Christmas Collection is available from the HEMA store at Schiphol Plaza from 18 November onwards. Discover the special products for yourself and find some inspiration for a sparkling Christmas this year.