A coffee lover’s guide to Schiphol

Did you know that Schiphol is a great place for coffee lovers? Whether you fancy a flat white with oat milk or a plain americano, Schiphol has got you covered. Keep on reading to discover where you can go for your perfect cup of coffee!


STACH prides itself on serving not just your average cup of coffee. The beans they use come from Bocca coffee – a Dutch company that has a positive impact on the environment and society. They are the first coffee roaster in the Netherlands to manage the entire bean-to-cup process, so you can be sure that the brew you buy contributes to a more sustainable future. And the coffee tastes amazing too! STACH is vegan friendly, with four types of non-dairy milk to choose from: oat, soy, coconut and almond. What’s more, there’s a large selection of sweet treats (including vegan, gluten-free and organic options) to accompany your cup of coffee. Prices vary from €2.85 for a small macchiato to €5.30 for a large latte. You can find STACH at Schiphol Plaza and in Lounge 4.

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De Koffiesalon

Already a household name in Amsterdam, De Koffiesalon now also has a branch at Schiphol. They make delicious cups of coffee using beans from the Italian brand Buscaglione. If you like milky coffees, you’ll be pleased to know that you have the choice of full-fat milk from Jersey cows or skimmed milk. For vegan travellers, there’s the option to add soy, almond, oat or sproud (pea protein) milk to your coffee. Fancy a bite to eat? De Koffiesalon has a wide range of cakes and biscuits, ranging from the typical Dutch gevulde koek (a soft cookie filled with almond paste) to brownies and cheesecakes. What’s more, customers can help themselves to free Made Blue water, still or sparkling, from the tap. Prices range from €3.20 for a small americano to €5.70 for a large latte. You’ll find De Koffiesalon inside the Up To Do Good concept store at Schiphol Plaza.

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Grab & Fly

Sometimes you just want a quick, no-frills cup of coffee to go. That could be especially true if you are almost at your gate with boarding time approaching. At the start of many of Schiphol’s piers you’ll find Grab & Fly shops. Here, you can buy a simple takeaway coffee from respected Dutch brand Douwe Egberts at a very reasonable price. A small coffee or cappuccino will set you back €3.00, while a large cappuccino or latte is only €4.50. Travellers should bear in mind that Grab & Fly serves dairy milk only, but you can always drink your coffee black of course. In addition to hot beverages, Grab & Fly also sells cold drinks, packaged sandwiches, fruit and snacks.

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Café Coco

Travellers looking for a more upmarket experience and who want to sit down to enjoy their coffee at a slower pace should head over to Lounge 2. Here, you’ll find Café Coco – a French-style café with great views of the aircraft outside. As this is a classier kind of café experience, the prices are also higher than other locations at the airport. The cheapest cup of coffee costs €5.15, but that does include a mouth-watering macaron! Café Coco is supplied by Gosling Coffee of Amsterdam, whose focus on sustainability, direct trade and finding top-quality coffee beans means that this is no ordinary cup of coffee. And with patisseries like chocolate bavarois and citrus tart, your sweet tooth will surely be satisfied too.

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This internationally famous coffee house needs no introduction. You’ll have to introduce yourself when you order a coffee at Starbucks though – the baristas will write your name on your cup! Starbucks is renowned for its huge variety of coffees and coffee-based drinks, from simple americanos to caramel Frappuccinos topped with whipped cream and syrup. They also offer an interesting selection of seasonal beverages, such as the autumn favourite: Pumpkin Spice Latte. And for just three euros you can buy a classic filter coffee. Of course they have a variety of cakes and biscuits to choose from too, should you fancy something to eat. At Schiphol, you cannot miss Starbucks. There are no fewer than nine branches in the terminal: three before the security check and six after!

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Not sure where to find all of these coffee bars and cafés? Read the information on this page to discover the locations of Plaza and the various lounges, or consult the airport map.

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