Why you should advertise at Schiphol during events

The Netherlands is popular among organisers of conferences, festivals and other events. That’s partly because of its centralised location in Europe and its outstanding accessibility. Many international travellers arrive at our airport. So Schiphol is an ideal place to be seen, to provide a warm welcome, or to share the positive vibes that surround a special event.

Stand out during national holidays

Officially, we can’t really call them ‘national holidays’. But Amsterdam Pride (700,000 visitors) and Amsterdam Dance Event –ADE – (450,000 visitors from 90 countries) have an energy and international appeal that put them both right up there with King’s Day. Every year, events like these attract hundreds of thousands of people, including an ever-growing foreign audience. There are all kinds of opportunities for brands to help visitors get into the right mood, from the moment they touch down at Schiphol.

That’s why KLM showed it’s most patriotic side during King’s Day. The airline made tourists completely ‘King’s Day-Proof’ in just 60 seconds. And ING Bank gave Schiphol a lot of extra colour during Amsterdam Pride by, among other things, draping the baggage claim area with rainbow colours. And, with its pop-up store and DJ Booth on the Jan Dellaertplein, a popular dance party showed international ADE visitors that the next place to be was Don’t Let Daddy Know.

Attention: conference and trade fair attendees

All kinds of international fairs and conferences are regularly organised in and around the Netherland’s major cities. Schiphol is an ideal place to generate attention, to receive visitors with open arms or to point them in the right direction. Some examples:

To bring some extra attention to the 2018 AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, event organisers made it painfully clear at Schiphol that many people across the world are still dying from the disease. They utilised giant lightboxes and a special suitcase with a built-in screen at baggage claim, among other media objects.

Money 20/20 is Europe’s largest FinTech event, where clever people from all over the world get together to discuss the future of money and financial services. Various screens and promotional trolleys at the airport guided visitors to the trains that would take them to the RAI Convention Centre.

Expect a spectacle in 2020

In 2020, several world-class events will take place in the Netherlands. Including the Eurovision Song Contest and a Formula 1 Grand Prix. In recent years, around 180 million people have watched the Song Contest. And 1.4 billion people across the globe tune in to Formula 1 madness every year. And, what about SAIL Amsterdam, which only takes place every five years? The previous edition, in 2015, drew 2.3 million visitors during the five-day event. And the next one is in summer 2020. In short: the Netherlands is going to be getting a lot of international attention this year. And so there are some stellar opportunities for advertising.

Want to stand out during events?

Want to transform the luggage belts into F1 circuits? Welcome conference guests to the arrivals halls or point international Song Contest visitors to the hottest hotspots in your city? However crazy or out-of-the-box your idea, it’s all possible at Schiphol. Whether you already have a great idea or would like some advice, Schiphol Media is happy to work with you on the creative implementation of your winning plan.