Dior Sauvage and Joy by Dior Pop-up: The pop up with twice the star power

Dior is the star of the show in Lounge 2 this autumn, with a switch-up pop-up to introduce products from two iconic fragrance lines. In September, travellers were seduced by Johnny Depp’s mysterious scowl. Behind a blazing fire in the darkness, Depp shines light on the latest Sauvage scent. And in October, Jennifer Lawrence stepped into the spotlight. Her radiant smile is the embodiment of JOY by Dior, the new eau de parfum that pays tribute to inner bliss.

Dior doubles down

The two popular scents are as different as night and day. Quite literally. While the men’s Sauvage fragrance has a dark and exciting vibe, the women’s Joy by Dior perfume stands out with its light, cheerful, almost heavenly undertones. And since both creations deserve their own moment to shine, Dior created one pop-up with two faces. Halfway through the two-month campaign, the stand will be converted and restyled in a flash. From Sauvage to Joy in just one day.

Thanks to the Shopping Lightbox Package and other media objects in and around Lounge 2, international travellers simply could not miss Joy by Dior and Sauvage this autumn. The two beautiful campaigns, with their stark and striking contrasts, doubled down on brand value and recognition.

  • An ode to JOY

    JOY by Dior is an ode to pleasure and to life itself. An explosion of thousands of flowers. A sparkling smile captured in a beautiful bottle.

  • Sauvage: raw and noble combined

    Sauvage is an act of creation inspired by wide-open spaces. A composition signed with a raw freshness, between power and nobility..