Case Scotch & Soda: Scotch & Soda Holiday Shop

A bright yellow promo stand, exclusive summer apparel and a mix of eye-catching video screens in Lounge 1. Those were the ingredients for Scotch & Soda’s campaign: The Holiday Shop. The goal? Offer a unique brand experience with impact, and encourage travellers to take special summer collection items along on holiday, or back home.

The unmissable brand

Lounge 1 is a high-traffic shopping area at Schiphol. Every month, around 1.6 million travellers with Schengen destinations enjoy their dwell time in Lounge 1 while waiting for their flights. An abundance of both holiday and business travellers from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain: countries where Scotch & Soda is already known and loved.

In May, travellers couldn’t help but take notice of the brand. From the iconic, bright yellow Scotch Bar to the lightboxes and digital screens, Scotch & Soda pulled out all the stops to increase brand awareness. It even considered those travellers who can’t take their eyes off of their smartphones: the campaign was also highlighted on Scotch & Soda’s social media.

Collection with a vacation vibe

But Scotch & Soda wanted its exciting pop-up store to do more than just draw attention. It wanted to add real value to the passenger journey. So the brand offered the many holiday travellers in Lounge 1 the chance to shop unique items from the exclusive summer collection. Like colourful, limited-edition summer apparel. Or accessories only available at the airport, like beach towels, toiletry bags and holiday backpacks. Special offers like these raised the promo point to new heights, both visually and conceptually.

‘Traveller response to our stand was overwhelmingly positive. We experienced this first-hand in Lounge 1, and also saw it on social media. The brand awareness campaign was a huge success for us. That’s why we decided to take our bright yellow promotional stand on the road. We’re taking the stand on an old-fashioned road trip to popular European shopping malls.’
– Leon Wharton - Media & Advertising Manager, Scotch & Soda

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