New Obelisk brings your brand to life

Starting in March 2020, our newest eye-catching media object will begin to boost adverts to new heights on our busiest Pier. The Obelisk at Pier-D1 is an all-round hit – literally and figuratively. This unique, U-shaped, three-sided digital screen is sure to capture the attention of every passer-by: whether they’re departing or arriving.

Triple beauty

With 12.7 million passengers per year, Pier-D1 is the perfect place to make an impact with your brand. The Obelisk is thus a real eye-catcher at a strategic location. No matter which direction they come from, passengers can’t help but put this impressive screen in perfect focus. And animated or video content really brings the Obelisk to life. The screen is nearly 16 metres wide and more than 2 metres tall. It will show both infotainment and branded content.

The Dutch experience

Most passengers flying out of D1 come from Great Britain and North America. About 40% of those are transfer passengers. So, during their short stay in the Netherlands, we want to offer a truly Dutch experience through digital video art. Sjoerd Mol, student at ArtEZ Art Academy, is for us the best artist to feature. He was inspired by the hashtag #dutchclouds. On the Obelisk, our famous skies are as beautiful and impressive as in real life!