Moroccanoil shines at Schiphol

Moroccanoil hair and skincare products are beloved all over the world. The enchanting scents, nourishing argan oil-infused formulas and iconic packaging ensure that the brand appeals to men and women of all ages. To further engage with our international customer, Moroccanoil chose Schiphol as the ideal location to launch its first airport pop-up event.

Beauty in the spotlight

The extensive campaign aimed to put Dutch and international audiences in touch with the lifestyle and beauty brand. Moroccanoil pulled out all the stops to capture travellers’ attention. The sophisticated, month-long campaign put the oil-infused hair and body products centre-stage, and shone a spotlight on the brand.

Our products appeal to a wide audience, and love for the brand is multi-generational and universal. That makes Schiphol the perfect place to do this pop-up campaign. Here, we have all the space we need to bring our core values to life. And we can reach millions of people from all over the world.
Yeolan Delapenha, Director of Global Marketing, Retail and Travel Retail at Moroccanoil

Getting to know Moroccanoil

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So, for its first advertising efforts at Schiphol, Moroccanoil opted for an experiential campaign with a personal touch. They immersed travellers in the world of Moroccanoil, using an eye-catching pop-up with engaging, interactive elements. Visitors were invited to see, feel, smell and experience the products for themselves.

Styling station

Moroccanoil developed a special styling station for the campaign, where travellers could receive a complimentary beauty treatment from leading local stylists. And the stylists didn’t just use the most popular products from the collection—they also gave special attention to the newest body care products from Moroccanoil Body™.

Promotional points

To ensure popular products still had their moment in the sun, the pop-up featured two promotional points. There, travellers could buy a gift set with the classic full-size Moroccanoil Treatment, or a travel-size set with a free Moroccanoil water bottle. The most number of gift sets were sold to travellers from the Netherlands, the United States, Russia, England and China.

Moroccanoil instagram wall

Instagram wall

To increase online brand awareness as well, a striking Insta-spot was set up at Schiphol. People who took a selfie there and shared their photo with the hashtag #ArganEveryDay received a complimentary on the go travel size of the hero Moroccanoil Treatment.

Lounge 2 lightboxes

In order to generate more attention for the brand and the pop-up activities in Lounge 2, Moroccanoil occupied two enormous lightboxes for the entire month. One featured campaign model Elizabeth Salt. The other showcased a life-size image of Moroccanoil Treatment.

The results

Moroccanoil’s ultimate goal was to create a brand experience with their loyal global clientele and the opportunity to touch a new client through a brand experience. And it’s safe to say the brand has achieved that goal:

  • Around 2.5 million people came into contact with Moroccanoil
  • Thousands of people shared Moroccanoil selfies on social media
  • Turnover at Schiphol increased by 172% as compared to the same period last year
  • Hundreds of travellers received complimentary dry styling

Even sales percentages for Moroccanoil at Schiphol’s fixed points of sale increased – by 18%! That’s great news – it shows that the high sales volume at the pop-up didn’t affect sales at the airport shops. In fact, it appears to have actually improved them.