More demand for luxury at Schiphol: The consumer is expecting more

The trends for luxury brands in airport retail

The airport forms an important link in the marketing chain between luxury brands and the consumer. Luxury brands lead the public's gaze at the airport and play a decisive role in the traveller's experience. Flying is seen as an exclusive and positive experience – while traveling, you're allowed to indulge yourself – and this feeling is something that the brands of 2017 can take advantage of. For this reason, we expect to see growth in the demand for luxury products over the coming year.

The demand for luxury

The global economy is picking up again, bringing with it a rise in the number of passengers expected to use Schiphol Airport. Forecasts predict a strong growth of 10% to 15% in the number of passengers from China, the United States and India. Chinese passengers are particularly keen on luxury brands. Passengers from the Far East have therefore become an important target group within the airport advertising sector. They have lots of money to spend are are receptive towards the brand experience. Current technology makes it possible to specifically direct communications towards the Chinese target group at the airport. For instance, you could use large screens to welcome people arriving on flights from China in their own language, as SBF and UnionPay recently did. This approach enables you to directly increase retail sales at Schiphol. The targeted campaign by SBF and UnionPay during the Chinese New Year led to a 46% increase in turnover! The spend per transaction grew by 27%, while UnionPay's turnover grew by as much as 177%! In other words, it really pays to target specific groups.

The consumer is expecting more

Online shopping is an unstoppable trend within the retail sector, yet at the same time luxury retailers want to use their physical presence at the airport to make an indelible impression. After all, there's nowhere that consumers are more open to the whole retail and advertising experience than here. People gladly treat themselves while they're travelling, and luxury brands are happy to indulge their wishes. On average, passengers spend 2 hours at the airport after passing Customs. But having a brand store isn't always enough in itself to be sure of attracting passengers awaiting their flight. These days, people expect a brand experience: an encounter that stimulates their senses.

What's more, the younger generation wants it to be a 'hands on' experience. A brand store or pop-up store is therefore a very suitable basis upon which to create interactions around your brand at the airport. In combination with a brand experience campaign, you’re guaranteed to generate more con-tact moments and also more sales. That's because people associate airports with luxury brands. And it means that it's important as a brand to be accessible to passengers. Whether or not a brand is actu-ally affordable isn't such an issue at the airport.

The world at your feet

Why should you choose Schiphol Media? Let's look at the facts. Schiphol assures you of interna-tional, upmarket appeal. It's the only advertising location in the Netherlands that hosts 63.6 million consumers under one roof. For the 66% of passengers who are flying for leisure, Schiphol is the start of their holiday. They're relaxed and in an optimistic mood: there’s no better moment for a brand to get in touch with them. In addition, over 10 million business travellers are receptive to advertising messages they see at the airport.

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