Celebrating Chinese New Year: Union Pay at Schiphol

It was UnionPay’s mission last January to make Chinese New Year special for every Chinese traveler. The results were spectacular!

What did we do?

UnionPay advertisements were shown on a variety of media, including mobile promotions, a promo trolley, the digital duty-free networks in Lounges 2 and 3, and a special pamphlet featuring 11 articles.


Chinese travelers loved the Chinese New Year campaign. Sales per day during the campaign period rose by 46% compared to 2016, and the average spend per passenger increased by 15%! By the end, UnionPay’s transaction turnover had improved by over 177%. To cap it all, a very special deal was made with one Chinese passenger. He bought 10 bottles of an exclusive whisky brand, worth € 250,000!

  • Digital Shopping Screen

    • A huge, unmissable screen
    • Situated in renewed Lounge 2
    • Average passenger dwell time: 146 minutes
    • Effective for branding and driving sales
  • Promo Point Lounge 2

    • Positioned in the center of Lounge 2
    • Lots of international travelers
    • Drive-to-store option
    • Versatile spot with huge stopping power