Flowers welcome passengers home: Intratuin at Schiphol

Many passengers arriving at Schiphol were intrigued by our recent ‘Welcome Home’ campaign for Intratuin, one of the leading garden centers in the Netherlands. There were dancing cacti, free plant vouchers and a baggage band covered in green decorations – in short, a very fun way to be welcomed home!

Feel good flora

The campaign’s purpose was to reach travelers waiting for their baggage in the main hall – when the holiday ends and normal life begins again. We wanted to surprise and delight them while they were in good spirits from their holidays, so that they could keep that great feeling for as long as possible. This surprising promotion – and free vouchers – left lots of people grinning from ear to ear!

House and garden

Intratuin put travelers in a good mood, and created goodwill for its many garden centers throughout the Netherlands. The colorful floral displays inspired people by giving them fresh ideas about what to do in their gardens after their holiday – especially as the vouchers gave them the chance to get a free plant from their local Intratuin garden center.

“Flowers, plants and friendliness - what better way to be welcomed to Schiphol?”, commented Peter Paul Kleinbussink, Managing Director of Intratuin in the Netherlands.

  • Digital Triangle Package Reclaim

    • Make good use of the screens hanging above all the baggage belts in Reclaim 2.
    • Relatively long dwell time
    • Triangular shape ensures screens can be seen from every direction
  • Promo Trolley Posterframe

    • Very versatile
    • Can be used throughout the terminal