Almost 40% more revenue by using the ‘Brand Walk’: Dior at Schiphol

Dior is a luxury brand with enormous appeal, as it proved yet again during the festive season last year. During December 2016, the airport turned gold during the extensive Christmas campaign run by the luxury fashion brand. No costs or effort were spared to promote the fragrance J’adore Dior. We created a true Brand Walk for it: an approach that led to extremely positive results.

The Brand Walk

Our sophisticated Brand Walk led passengers around the airport in a subtle yet effective way. To start with, we attracted their attention in the Lounge with beautiful, lightly-animated visuals on large screens. As they walked through the shopping area, we stimulated their imagination with elegant promotions, and then reminded them of the brand by turning the store doors into Dior displays. For the grand finale, potential customers were able to smell and experience the fragrance J’adore Dior within a luxury environment.

Case - Dior

The results

We compared the 2015 and 2016 sales figures to measure the success of the campaign. The results couldn’t be clearer: